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Communication Breakdown

Performed 2011<br> Directed by Pip Deave and Simon Moore<br> Photgraphy by Andy Williams of <a href=\"http://www.momentimages.co.uk\">Moment Images</a><br> Quality copies available at <a href=\"http://www.photoboxgallery.com/MomentImages/collection?album_id=724386772\">Photo Box</a>

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By Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark<br> Performed 2010 (at the Picturedome Theatre, Gloucester)<br> Directed by Pip Deave and Simon Moore<br>

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Panto of the Opera

By Stuart Ardern<br> Performed 2010<br> Directed by Debbie Browning

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By Neil Harrison<br> Performed 2009<br> Directed by Pip Deave

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Tea Towels and Tinsel

Performed 2008<br> Directed by Jess Collins<br> <br>

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Jesuss\' Christmas Party

Performed 2008<br> Directed by Jess Collins<br> <br>

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Not Now Darling

By Ray Cooney and John Chapman<br> Performed 2008<br> Directed by Sue Brand

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Treasure Island

By Richard Lloyd<br> Performed 2008<br> Directed by Simon Moore

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Outside Edge

By Richard Harris<br> Performed 2006<br> Directed by Ann Kent

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Jack and the Beanstalk

By John Morley<br> Performed 2006<br> Directed by Simon Moore

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You Me and Mrs Jones

By Tony Horitz<br> Performed 2005<br> Directed by Pip Deave

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